We have 24 fully-equipped off-course outlets, where you can place bets and cash your winnings.

Map of Outlets

Our Outlets

  1. A: Bambous Royal Road, Bambous
  2. B: Beau Bassin 83 Royal Road, Beau Bassin
  3. C: Bel Air Royal Road, Bel Air
  4. D: Chemin Grenier Gocool Building, Lotus Road, Chemin Grenier
  5. E: Curepipe Impasse Pot de Terre, Curepipe
  6. F: Flacq 2nd Floor Sibartie Building, Royal Road, Centre de Flacq
  7. G: Goodlands Bahadoor Building, Royal Road, Goodlands
  8. H: Grand Baie 1st Floor, Kings Garden, Racquet Road, Grand Baie
  9. I: Lallmatie Lawton Building, Royal Road, Lallmatie
  10. J: Mahebourg Rue des Cent Gaulettes, Mahbourg
  11. K: Palma Cnr Kooseeal Avenue & Bassin Road, Palma, Quartre Bornes
  12. L: Petite Rivière Route Royal, Petite Rivière
  13. M: Plaine Magnien Royal Road, Plain Magnien
  14. N: Quartier Militaire Royal Road, Quartier Militaire
  15. O: Quatres Bornes 8 Avenue Osman, Quatre Bornes
  16. P: Rivière des Anguilles Ex Cooperative Society, Railway Road, Rivière des Anguilles
  17. Q: Rose Belle Mahebourg Road, Rose Belle
  18. R: Rose Hill 1st Floor, Kanderally Building, Duncan Taylor Street, Rose Hill
  19. S: Saint Pierre 1st Floor, Ashik Building, Royal Road, St Pierre
  20. T: Souillac Royal Road, Souillac
  21. U: Stanley Berthaud Avenue, Stanley
  22. V: Terre Rouge A1, Terre Rouge
  23. W: Triolet 1st Floor, Tagdir Building, Royal Road, Triolet
  24. X: Vacoas Vavid Properties Ltd, Sonah Lane, Vacoas Phoenix