ENTRÉES - MTG 39 Samedi 18 November 2023

Race 1 - - 67+ - 990m

No Runners

Race 2 - - Benchmark 56 - 1365m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Lickerio6156A. Sewdyal
2Juniper Lane60.555S. Mahadia
3Van Hunks6054C. Daby
4Iditarod Trail59.553S. Narang
5Illicit Kiss59.553S. Narang
6Captain Mike58.551S. Narang

Race 3 - - Benchmark 51 - 1400m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Captain Mike6151S. Narang
2Winter Chill6151A. K. Rahmathulla
3Betathantherest6049S. Mahadia
4Master Of Illusion5947S. P. Nagadoo
6Without Equal5743C. Daby
7Cloud Seeder55.540A. Sewdyal

Race 4 - - Benchmark 36 - 1365m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1One Day Or Day One6136S. P. Nagadoo
2Straight6034A. K. Rahmathulla
3Ticket To Cairo59.533A. K. Rahmathulla
4Colour Of Money5932S. Mahadia
6Great Stohvanen5626S. P. Nagadoo

Race 5 - - Benchmark 31 - 1600m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Liverpool Champ6233S. Mahadia
2Taking Silk6233S. Narang
3Williamthefighter6233S. Narang
4Sand Path61.532C. Daby
5Believeinthefuture6131S. Hurchund
7Spiritual Wind6131S. Mahadia
8Sergeant York60.530K.Ramanah
9Tiger's Rock6029K.Ramanah
10Fassi5825D. Zaki

Race 6 - - Benchmark 31 - 2050m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Liverpool Champ6233S. Mahadia
2Taking Silk6233S. Narang
3Williamthefighter6233S. Narang
4Believeinthefuture6131S. Hurchund
5Lord Of Light6131H. Ruhee
6Spiritual Wind6131S. Mahadia
7Eurotec6029R. Maingard
8Tiger's Rock6029K.Ramanah

Race 7 - - (0-26) - 990m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Cider House Rules6126C. Daby
2Double Silver6126S. Narang
3Furie Nocturne6126S. Narang
4Great Stohvanen6126S. P. Nagadoo
5Nevil Mu6024S. Mahadia
6Good Buddy59.523S. Narang
7Doublethink57.519S. Hurchund
8Zigi Zagi Zugi5718A. Sewdyal

Race 8 - - (0-25) - 1400m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Beni Des Dieux61.526S. P. Nagadoo
2Capkuta61.526D. Zaki
3Cider House Rules61.526C. Daby
4Double Silver61.526S. Narang
5Furie Nocturne61.526S. Narang
6Lead Drummer61.526D. Zaki
7Al Jazeera6125S. Mahadia
8Bella Fiorino6125Y. Perdrau
9The Jazz Singer60.524S. Hurchund
10Well Connected60.524A. K. Rahmathulla
11Good Buddy6023S. Narang
12Inauguration5921A. K. Rahmathulla
13Honokalani57.518R. Maingard
14Clouded Hill54.512S. Mahadia
15Perfect Pursuit539S. P. Nagadoo

Race 9 - - (0-15) - 1365m

No.NameWeightMerit RatingTrainer
1Universe Boss6217A. K. Rahmathulla
2Duke Of Abercorn61.516Y. Perdrau
3Executive Decision6115S. Hurchund
4Power Tower6115A. K. Rahmathulla
5Gold Lining6013C. Ramdin
6Le Quartier6013C. Daby
7Clouded Hill59.512S. Mahadia
8Carolina Reaper5911A. K. Rahmathulla
9Artax58.510A. Sewdyal
10Perfect Pursuit589S. P. Nagadoo
11Rochester53.50S. P. Nagadoo
12Special Force53.50S. P. Nagadoo

Total Nominations = 72

False Rails = 4.4 M

The race order will be determined at the time of declaration.

Race 7 : Reserved for Mauritian Born riders

Race 1 : has been declared void due to paucity of entries


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