SMS Betting

Your next bet is only an SMS away! Now you can bet from a simple SMS.

How it works

Step 1: Log in by texting your account number and PIN.

Example: Log in

Account Number: 123456
PIN: 2345

Text 123456/2345 to 8922

This will log you in and you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: You can place the following SMS bets: WIN, PLACE, PICK 4, PICK 6, PICK 8 and PLACE ACCUMULATOR.

Example: Win

To bet Rs200 on horse 2 to win in the 3rd race.

Text R3H2WN200 (no spaces) to 8922

R is the race, H the number of horse you want to back and WN is the bet.

Example: Place

For a PLACE bet on the same combination:

Text R3H2PL200 to 8922

PL is the place bet.

Example: Pick 4

To place a PICK 4 with these selections: leg 1 - 2,3; leg 2 - 6; leg 3 - 3,8; leg 4 - 7 for Rs40

Text 2,3/6/3,8/7P4/40 to 8922

The same principle applies to PICK 6, PICK 8 and PLACE ACCUMULATOR bets. Enter your selections as above, but enter P6 (for PICK 6), P8 (for PICK 8) or PA (for PLACE ACCUMULATOR).

Example: All for All (Lévé Pilé)

To place an All for All (Lévé Pilé) with these selections: Race 1 number 9 win, Race 2 number 3 place and Race 3 number 1 win for Rs50

Text r1h9wn/r2h3pl/r3h1wn/lp/50 to 8922

You will receive a confirmation SMS when your bet has been placed.

Step 3: Logging Out

Example: Log Out

Text LO to 8922

Alternatively, you can choose not to log out - which means you can place bets by SMS all day without having to log in every time.

Messages can be sent in upper or lowercase. Feel free to contact us on (230) 211 8080 for further information. Available to all Teletote customers. Texts cost Rs2.50 each.