Race Results: Saturday 13th Jul 2019 Race 3 1.40pm<\/a><\/h3> <\/section>

Results<\/h3> # <\/span> RUNNER <\/span><\/div> 1st <\/span> P<\/span>31 <\/span> W<\/span>92 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 7<\/span> Iditarod Trail<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 2nd <\/span> P<\/span>17 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> F<\/span> 10<\/span> Texas Sky<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 3rd <\/span> P<\/span>17 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 4<\/span> Borya<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 4th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 2<\/span> From The Ashes<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 5th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 1<\/span> Mutzi<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 6th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 5<\/span> Flower Blue<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 7th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 8<\/span> Zodiac Jack<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 8th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 3<\/span> Skip The Red<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 9th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 6<\/span> Vascostreettractor<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div> 10th <\/span> P<\/span>0 <\/span> W<\/span>0 <\/span> <\/span> <\/span> 9<\/span> The Right Stuff<\/a><\/span> <\/span><\/div><\/div><\/div> <\/section>

Divdends<\/h3> DIVIDEND<\/span> POOL<\/span><\/div> 1,676.00<\/span> Trifecta<\/span> 7-10-4<\/span><\/div> 3,603.50<\/span> Quartet<\/span> 7-10-4-2<\/span><\/div> 457.00<\/span> Double<\/span> 7 \/ 7<\/span><\/div> 548.00<\/span> Exacta<\/span> 7-10<\/span><\/div> 78.00<\/span> Swinger<\/span> 7-10<\/span><\/div> 94.00<\/span> Swinger<\/span> 4-7<\/span><\/div> 15.00<\/span> Swinger<\/span> 4-10<\/span><\/div> GET REFUND<\/span> Scratched<\/span> 11<\/span><\/div><\/div><\/div> <\/section>

Live Bets<\/h3> POOL <\/span> LIVE <\/span> TOTAL <\/span><\/div> Pick 4 <\/span> 0.00 <\/span> 0 <\/span><\/div> Pick 6 <\/span> 40,917.41 <\/span> 1,614,830 <\/span><\/div> Pick 8 <\/span> 1,350.02 <\/span> 2,303,371 <\/span><\/div> Place Acc. <\/span> 198,155.38 <\/span> 3,449,263 <\/span><\/div><\/div><\/div> <\/section>"}